Anne's funny nights

    This pretty damsel's name is Annie and she just can't wait to get fucked. By whom? By you ofcourse - that the game is made from very first person perspective so you can easily imagine yourself being the dude in the game. Just pick on one of the buttons in teh upper part of teh screen and enjoy the scene. These buttons will represent different stages of your intrusion into Annie - from teasing and fondling till the banging that is true. The highest level also unlocks the money-shot role which will finish the game (however you can always replay it withour restarting it). You can call teh genre of this game as dating simulator without every other part of the gameplay except for one that is the most improtant - fucking the damsel! By the way you can turn and trun off the light in the room - it brings a little bit of realism in the game. Kinda.
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