Holy Hell High Alpha Demo

    UPDATE 6/1/19: This project has been (regrettably) dead for the last several months. I apologize to those looking forward to seeing it completed. Given the support I've gotten, I may see about finishing it to some degree (at least to the point of it having legitimate H scenes). I have shut down my Patreon, since I don't want to immediately start shilling it before I have any significant amount of work done. Once I have a few projects 100% finished, I'll reopen it. If you've got any criticism, they're welcome and if you just like the game that's cool, too! All art and music is free to use. I would like to thank the following people for the art assets:https://studiomugenjohncel.wordpress.com/tag/background/http://ayaemo.skr.jp/ And these people for the music: Radiata Alice DJ Rolfsky Scott Holmes Aniquatia Night Club Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
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April in trouble(updated)

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