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2022-12-17 04:31:44
ivan carranza:

who was the son of a bitch who created this bullshit? Why do you add the 10-year-old kid Gwen with two young adults/teenagers ages 16-19 from DC comics? she with raven and starfire are not the same age or size. they are adding raven and starfire with the wrong character, that's not how the duos are. there is already an aged up gwen in alien force. this gwen is not aged up. she is a pedophilia delete that, idiots. this is nothing hot.

2022-12-17 04:28:49
ivan carranza:

Why does the stupid artist add Ben 10 to Teen Titans? that he has to do ben 10 with teen titans? nothing. they are not related. both TV shows were not created by the same person. Ben 10 is owned by Man of Action, the company that worked on Ultimate Spiderman and Avengers Assemble, which explains the same style of animation. Teen Titans were created and drawn by Glen Murakami and it's owned by Warner Bros, and that means that both are not from the same universe or related. why don't you add teen titans with ben 10 alien force? since both are teenagers of the same size and age. don't add them with their kids versions. it's pedophilia. starfire, terra and raven are young adults/teenagers of 16-18 years old. this is kid gwen of 10 years old from ben 10 first series, why don't you add raven and starfire with teen gwen from alien force? this is not aged up, it's pedophilia!

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[GHTA (Sixul)] Gwen's Underworld Summoning (Ben10)

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