The Rubdown Institute 2: The customer is always right

    "The client is always right" - this slogan has come to be the name for its 2nd gig from sensual game string"The Massage Institute" for a reason... but for why you'll discover only in the event that you will play with the game on your own! Anoteh at the rubdown saloon and this day you are going to play thru as Ivan. Living thru the day will mean not servicing your customers but also to help your co-workers and treat some private situations with your gf. Will you be able to keep the customers on the very first-ever place or you may prefe rto solve various issues through your day? It's all up to you to make such choices so that it depends how far will you go thru this gig and how much of erotic content you will be able to unlock and love!
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Java goodvery

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