Hatsune Miku interactive sex

    Really the title o fthis short but fun minigame offers its principal idea right away - you will get Hatsune Miku (very likely the most well-liked character of teh whole Vocaloid franchise) and you can have hump with her. No temptation needed - she will be already nude and on top of your stiffy. To begin the game all youneed to do is to stir your mouse controller up and down while the cursor is somewhere inside game screen. If you want or you could switch to auto mode. At any moment you can activate jizz shot option and demonstrate this idol woman how you appreciate her performance with a significant internal cumshot inside her snatch. And don't forget to turn the sound on because you will not only see but also hear Hatsune Miku's performance which is ofcourse doubles the fun for any true admirer!
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