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2022-11-03 01:01:45
fuvk this eremika for life:

fuck this comic who made this i would kill you

2022-08-05 14:06:27
Eren Yeager :

I love Mikasa but I guess it's too late :( I need to cover my eyes with sand and take my heart I wanna die

2022-04-26 12:28:51

bro the fuck? that guy is big motherfucking bad Eren should be the one and mikes should convince Eren fuck.

2022-04-25 00:10:34

bro what the fuck

2022-01-31 21:22:52

Why the fuck was this motherfucking fat ugly ass nigga the one who’s gonna be Mikasa husband bruh honestly this doujin is pretty ass

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(C85) [8graphica (Yoshitama Ichirou, Nanakichi.)] Fukkin Joshi Mikasa Ackerman wa Taishuu ga Ki ni naru Otoshi goro. (Shingeki no Kyojin) [English]

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