This is some unusual and sick situation that I personally don't understand:-RRB- But here's the story about a girl who was betrayed by her sister and her mom and was fucked by mom's husband.
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Bang Town: Fantasy Maze

You're dreaming once again. This time your dreams are totally crazy, full with talking boobs and asses:-RRB- find the keys all, talk to various characters, Your task is to navigate through the maze and look at the pictures on the walls and behind doors.

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Fall Asleep Tsunade

Naruto really like sto eat and he know sthat one of the best meals he can alway sget in Tsunade's house. So after visting her tonight he as usual got himself one awesome supper meal and wa sonny his way to Tsunade's room to thank her for it when he found Tsunade already sleeping... while her amazing body was barely covered! On what he is going to spend it overfilled with an energy from the food that is recently consumed he already knows - he is going to use the opportunity and finally fuck this blonde milf with big tits which everyone else in Konoha village knows as Hokage! Join Naruto in this brave attempt of getting fuck-fest and even help him during some simple minigames when its needed. And if you like hentai games about Naruto and his friends then don't forget to visit our website where you can always find lots of them!

Tags: hentai, big tits, parody, blonde, naruto, tsunade, asleep
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Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

"Quickie" is a string of viaual novels for all who has not enough time to play standard visual novels. Here you will get not only the great art style but few key points of the story that will allow you to get one of possible endings (from the bad one with no hentai scenes at all to the good one where you will have fucky-fucky with your new grilfriend more than in one position). There won't be too much of them so if you will want to replay it which choices you have made so you see how it will alter the story and could alter your decisions and you will remebr where. Today you are going to meet Toshiko - lovely looking chick who seems to have some conversation issues when it comes to interacting with othe rpeople. The fact that you willhelp her to catch he rrunaway cat will obviously increase your chances on getting closer with her.

Tags: brunette, story, visual novel, choice, toshiko, quickie, oppai games
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This buxomy blondes claims to be the priestess but looks like most of the rituals she takes part in demands her to let anyone who want to fuck her. Well, may be you will enjoy to take some part in this fun too? Ofcourse we won't find out many about the character - this scene is merely one of many supposed to demonstrate you the sexual potential of another large game which you might know as"The Legend of Lust". But as a separate sexy minigame this game works just fine. From the very start you will find the priestess ready to serve two big and already hard jizz-shotguns. How is she going to do that? It is up to you to decide! Choose one of over a dozen different actions and enjoy animated hentai scenes. Try different camera angles and backgrounds to add some personal touch to the process.

Tags: big boobs, cumshot, facial, handjob, blonde, threesome, Legend of Lust
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Hire Me Fuck Me - Fast Food 3

Looks like no matter how good you are taking care of your beautiful employees they are still ready to move further. And one mroe of such girls happens to be Miss Fiaira who is planning to quit the job at your fast food cafe to get to the college! Ofcourse the blowjob (and optional striptease) from her was quite a nice way to say goodbye yet this won't cancel the fact that you will have to hire and train absolutely new personel. On the other sight thesen ew girls can be even more hot looking and slutty acting than the previous ones. As for the professional skills then this part of the training is up to you. So what do you say - are you ready to face the troubles and set your fast food business back on even better track? Then hit the play button already!

Tags: hentai, big tits, strip, visual novel, foursome, management
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Darkness Falls

"Darkness Falls" is an interactive adventure made in visual novel genre in which you will be playing as Nathaniel Blake. You are one experienced police detective in the middle of the investigation of quite strange and thrilling case. And if this is not enough you are working on it with new partner whose name is Michelle Won. And who looks quite sexy we might say. So two of you you will be not only questioning the suspects, exploring the crime scenes and do other routine police stuff but also you will have to find a common language with eaxh other and find the way to work together. Will it be possible through sex or will you prefer to keep your relations as completely proffessional? The choices are up to you even though in darkness not everything is what it seems to be.

Tags: blowjob, anal, police, doggystyle, visual novel, detective
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Diva Mizuki porks old crank

Beautiful and huge-boobed blonde Diva Mizuki loves depraved fuckfest. But today she decides to dork around a bit. Diva Mizuki goes to a nursing home and gets acquainted with an old pervert. Diva Mizuki wants the pervert to fuck her young flesh. Diva Mizuki kneels and lifts her miniskirt. The pervert begins to massage her mitts with her tasty glutes and spank them. After that, the pervert takes off his clothes from Diva Mizuki and begins to suck and climb her tasty nipples and large watermelons. Then the pervert licks the pink cunt of Diva Mizuki. The damsel is screaming with pleasure and wants a fat prick right now. The pervert begins to fuck Diva Mizuki with a thick dick bringing the damsel to orgasm.

Tags: big boobs, hentai, creampie, cumshot, facial, blowjob, oral, japanese, titjob, big ass, breast expansion, diva mizuki, diva, mizuki
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Gagging Goddess

An interesting interactive flash game in which you will have to fuck a hell of a sexy, big-titted and depraved princess. She definitely wants to feel like a cheap whore from a local brothel. In her head are born depraved thoughts. The princess wants to be humiliated, fucked in the donk and urinated on her face. She also loves sticky male sperm. She spreads sperm on her tits and she starts to get taller even more. So look at the game screen. I want to warn you that the game is in Japanese, but intuitive. So you have to choose the proper version of the passing game. Click the mouse on the name and you will see how the hook-up animation changes on the screen. Enjoy this interesting and depraved hook-up game right now.

Tags: hentai, cumshot, big tits, princess, gangbang, bukkake, xxx game, porn game
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