Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage!

    Slutty McSlut is straight back and you're back because her beau. Or her slaveboy. Or her... well, you understand - it all depends on her mood and switches daily. For instance now she's want of cash that's the reason why you (!) Will need to have a biz tour somewher from South Korea at which you will attempt to locate everything and everybody else that could help Slutty become wealthy. Gampelay plot is like a few of the preceding games around Slutty McSlut's experiences. You may explore places and meet various characters , get quests or resolve their quiz minigames, reach your prize and... well, attempt not to expire before you may get for Slutty exactly what she's requesting or she'll get indeed angry at you! Incidentally someplace in the game you are able to discover supah secret Slutty McSlut OC manga porn!
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  • Added: 2019-03-15

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