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    Greetings! So I feel a bit iffy about posting this here. This is a project I started working on about trio months ago, doing bits as time went on and then spending most of my time working on the quiz series instead. Across the quiz series my art and general work quality improved (I think) but I didn't want to re-do this whole project or toss it away. Another issue is the audio. My computer seems to have a pretty intense heart murmur and the way that I recorded everything seems to be really noticeable in this, I attempted cleaning it up but this is about as good as it gets. I'll definitely do more work with voice acting included so I will invest in a microphone and get my computer on some sort of medicine. With that said, satiate do review my stuff, I covet constructive criticism, sans your words I don't get finer yo! Mwuah! Promise I'll supply something more worthy of your attention next time!
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Meet and Fuck Secret Agent

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Franks escapade 3 Metro

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Behind the Dune [v 14.3]

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